Faffing About

You’d think with a week off raiding I’d have spent the time leveling Mac, or maybe Dax but instead I faffed about. Mac’ is nearly level 17 but thats slack given the midsummer fire XP bonus (though I guess doing low level quests for Darnassus rep didn’t help there).

We seem to have a real problem with mages in guild, they don’t turn up and as our GM likes his cc we kinda need them for polymorph, so what did I do tonight started a mage, Really not sure why I’m doing this can’t count how many mages I’ve started & deleted by the time they reach 20, and for silly reasons I find the human jump animation annoying. Gnomes I can’t take seriously for some reason. I’d like too, from an RP perspective there’s great fun to be had with a gnome, but theres something about them that has me deleting them. Maybe I have more issues in RL about my lack of height than I care to explore ;). So this one’s a Draenai I’ll do the long run to Ironforge tonight & level her in Elwynn so she can aim for a horse at 40. That of course assumes she still exists by then.

So lets assume I get her to 70 and the mage shortage still exists will I really want to offer her up for a raid spot? Ari is my raiding character and of course being a boomkin her weakness is lack of cc I compete with casters for a spot as it is. Why am I setting myself up to make myself part of that competition? I know we’re getting roots indoors in WOTLK but I also know it’s weakness against casters mobs which is where poly really shines.

Oh well for now I’ll add Jeniera to my army of low level alts and see how far she gets

aside: according to my spell checker the nearest alternative for Draenai is Toenails good job I’m on an RP server or I might feel compelled to use the name


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