Summer Exodus

Logged on last night to raid but the guild was low on numbers. Seems a fair few have RL things to take care of this week so we’re taking a short break (just till reset) rather than having 20 of us online & getting frustrated.

A free Sunday night, so what did I do, messed around a bit sorting my bankers out. Sent Ari to an open RP event. Moon’s Rising on Zoram Strand, had hoped to catch up with old friends but if they were there it was on alts I didn’t recognise.

Recreated a character,Troi, she was a rogue now she’s reformed and become a Paladin, we’ll see if she becomes my 4th 70. Though she’s really for RP. So no rush there

Then cracked on with Mac. She’s now level 14 and honoured with Darnassus. I did take her to Stormglen to get Rep, she even managed to level, think I’ve maybe four quests left there. Then its back to Azuremyst for some training and leveling in Kalimdor for more Darnassus rep. Think I’m still going to have to do cloth turn ins as I noticed Ari isn’t exalted with Darnassus, or any other Alliance racial faction for that matter. Really wish Blizz had come up with something less ugly than those elekks but TBC seems to be about big & ugly when it comes to mounts (yes I hate the Netherwing drakes too). Dax is going to blow 2k gold to get a hippogriff. Well thats the theory as I still don’t have 5kG for Ari’s epic flight form I don’t quite see how I intend to gather 7k for Dax.

It’s not that I can’t make money its hanging onto it for long enough to spend on something other than raid consumables and gear enchants. (Got two pieces of unenchanted resto gear but as that’s currently off spec it’s not a priority to get sorted)

Dax is sort of ‘resting’ I used James Leveling Guide to get her to 60 but then decided to let her run free to 70 and so far we’re dillying & dallying all over the place, well Zangermarsh mainly, so I may return to the guide to speed the process up.


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